Getting professional window tinting has significant benefits for both your home and your office. The interiors of buildings can sustain significant damage thanks to the ultraviolet rays produced by sunlight. Carpet, curtains furniture and other valuables can fall victim to fading and sun damage, something professional window tinting in Perth can help to prevent. Some of the films we offer are able to block out up to 99% of the ultraviolet rays.

In addition to damaging your interiors, excessive exposure to ultraviolet rays can also damage your health. Everyone at this point is aware that excessive sun can lead to skin cancer. This is why several types of window tinting films have been developed to protect against damaging radiation and keep individuals healthier and happier.

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Commercial Window Tinting in Perth

Getting office window tinting for your Perth premises is a great way to protect your assets and your staff. Excessive exposure to the ultraviolet light produced by the sun can cause significant damage to your office furniture as-well-as degrade computers and other electrical equipment. Some of the films we offer here at Perth Tint Designs are able to block up to 99% of ultraviolet light, significantly reducing the amount of damage and cost of replacement. Your furniture and other fittings will be well protected from premature fading, which can make them look dated and worn.

Similar to how it degrades objects, ultraviolet rays are proven to have detrimental effects on human health. Investing in solar films as part of your commercial fit-outs is therefore a great way to protect your staff, and to help keep them healthy. It might be a cliché but it is certainly true that a healthy office is a happy office.

When you’re planning the office fitouts of your Perth rooms, don’t forget about the windows. Getting tinting done could be the one aspect of your fit out that actually saves you money in the long term. The largest single factor contributing to excessive heating in buildings are exposed windows. This heat retention can result in significant costs, especially with regards to air conditioning bills in the summer months. A commercial window tint can go to great lengths to reducing your utility bill, which essentially means they pay for themselves!

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Residential Window Tinting in Perth

Getting your house’s windows professionally tinted is a great investment in the protection of both your contents and your health. Your furniture, curtains and even your carpets are all exposed to the damaging effects of the sun caused by the radiation from ultraviolet light. Similarly your family’s health can be put at risk from excessive exposure to ultraviolet light – making residential tinting particularly attractive in the sun drenched city of Perth.

Here at Perth Tint Designs we offer a full range of window tinting services for homes across the wider Perth metropolitan area. No job is too big or too small for our experienced team; whether it’s a few windows on the front of a townhouse, or several floor-to-ceiling windows on a sprawling family home, we’ll make sure you get the finished look you’re after.

In addition to filtering ultraviolet light, a high quality window film can help to reduce the cost of utilities. Exposed windows are responsible for the majority of heat gains during summer months, making your air conditioning and cooling appliances work much harder.

By installing one of our house tinting solutions, you can significantly decrease your energy cost and effectively have them pay for themselves. You may find that the tinting pays for itself within just a couple of years.

With house window tinting you get a solution that protects your home, your health and even saves you money. This makes it a highly attractive for homeowners.

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