Residential Window Tinting Perth

Getting your house’s windows professionally tinted is a great investment in the protection of both your contents and your health. Your furniture, curtains and even your carpets are all exposed to the damaging effects of the sun caused by the radiation from ultraviolet light. Similarly your family’s health can be put at risk from excessive exposure to ultraviolet light – making residential tinting particularly attractive in the sun drenched city of Perth.

Residential window tinting PerthPerth Tint Designs – Residential Window Tinting

Here at Perth Tint Designs we offer a full range of window tinting services for homes across the wider Perth metropolitan area. No job is too big or too small for our experienced team; whether it’s a few windows on the front of a townhouse, or several floor-to-ceiling windows on a sprawling family home, we’ll make sure you get the finished look you’re after. In addition to filtering ultraviolet light, a high quality window film can help to reduce the cost of utilities. Exposed windows are responsible for the majority of heat gains during summer months, making your air conditioning and cooling appliances work much harder. By installing one of our house tinting solutions, you can significantly decrease your energy cost and effectively have them pay for themselves. You may find that the tinting pays for itself within just a couple of years.

With house window tinting you get a solution that protects your home, your health and even saves you money. This makes it a highly attractive for homeowners. If you would like to request a free measurement and quote then call 08 9249 6897 today, or visit the Contact page.