Window Safety + Security Film in Australia

Window security film helps to increase the strength of glass, improving its overall security and minimising damage following an impact. Our window specialists use 3M Safety and Security Window Films to keep your home or office safe from threats such as attempted break-ins and severe weather conditions. At Perth Tint Designs, we offer a comprehensive selection of window film and tinting products including decorative films, solar films, security films, and anti-graffiti films. Our products can be fully customised to any requirements for a wide range of applications.


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Decorative Window Films

Transform your windows from ordinary to extraordinary with decorative window films! Perth Tint Designs offers decorative window films that can add beauty to your home or office and are available in a variety of sizes to suit your needs.
Decorate your glass with class using decorative window films. Enjoy the look and feel of expensive frosted and etched glass at a fraction of the cost. Our decorative window film is manufactured from a heavy-duty vinyl material that reduces up to 99% of damaging UV rays, which can fade and ruin interior furnishings, flooring and window treatments. Perth Tint Designs also offers a complete line of window tinting products including 3M safety and security window film to protect your family.


Residential + Commercial 3M Window Tinting

Perth Tint Designs – Licensed 3M Installers
We deliver cost effective and high quality window film solutions.We supply high quality residential and commercial 3M window films and tinting products in Perth and WA at competitive prices.
Bringing you the experience and knowledge from leading window film specialists to supply you a comprehensive range of premium-quality window & graphic films covering Energy Solutions, Safety and Security, Scratch Removal & a wide selection of films for decorative and design applications.
We also specialise in wide format digital printing and offer a great selection of design ideas making the possibilities almost endless.
So contact us today and transform the look, functionality, comfort and energy efficiency of your windows, walls and partitions.

Residential & Commercial

The downside of natural sunlight is that it leads to increased energy costs and the fading of interior furnishings. Residential window tinting improves energy efficiency while creating a much more comfortable environment for all occupants. The window films we use are sourced from quality brands and are installed by our licensed window film installers. Our film is designed to reduce the harmful effects caused by damaging UV rays.

Additional benefits of window film include:

  • Reduced glare and improved comfort
  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Increased privacy for all rooms
  • Glare reduction for better screen viewing
  • Protection from intrusion attempts

Contact us today for a free in-home consultation and one of our window film specialists will visit your location in person. This gives us the opportunity to discuss your specific situation and recommend products for your needs. We accurately measure your windows and provide samples of our products so you can choose the right window film that best compliments your home. Call or e-mail us today to schedule a consultation. You can also fill out our online form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


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