Safety & Security Films Perth

Glass is one of the weakest points in any building and is highly susceptible to damage either from extreme weather conditions or from impact.

Our Safety and Security films are designed to help hold the glass fragments together reducing potential injury from flying glass.

Our anti-graffiti film is a cost effective solution as it can be easily stripped and replaced, making it suitable for public and commercial spaces.

Safety & Security Films


Why Safety & Security Film?

Glass hazard mitigation is a major concern. From accidents in the home to category 4 hurricanes, today’s glass windows face more breakage threats than ever before.

Glass is all around us, it allows natural light to enter our buildings and provides us with a welcome view of the outside world. However this benefit comes at a cost….Security.


During break ins or acts of vandalism, access is frequently gained to the property through glass windows and glass door panels.

Alarms and similar devices help to deter burglars and vandals but in reality they only advise that a break in has occurred after the event. Security is greater when systems are in place that help to prevent access to property initially.


The Benefits of Safety & Security Film?

Accidents, forces of nature and human threats can instantly turn a pane of glass into dangerous shards. Safety & Security films are available to provide an extra level of protection in case of breakage and increased security for your possessions

When Correctly installed, our security film will increase the strength of the glass, holding the broken glass in place after impact and deter access by all but the most determined intruder.

The security of the glass can be further improved by using a combination of our security window films and our edge retention sealing systems. With this combination even a burglar or vandal with the help of a sledgehammer would find it difficult to enter the property.

In comparison to regular solar control window films, Safety and Security films are uniquely constructed. Special solvents and adhesives are used to strengthen the bond between polyester layers allowing the film to adhere to glass more effectively. Thicker Security films offer greater glass hazard mitigation when facing major glass hazard threats such as explosions and hurricanes. Safety films are used when the glass hazard threat is less severe like in the case of an accident at home or forced entry.


Anti Graffiti Films


Why Anti Graffiti Film?

Graffiti and vandalism continue to be prevalent in certain areas. Our anti-graffiti film is a tough optically clear, scratch resistant film that acts as a sacrificial barrier to protect windows from scratching with sharp objects and tagging  which is a cost effective solution as it can be easily stripped and replaced, making it suitable for public and commercial spaces.


Vandalism and casual damage is an unfortunate issue that is common amongst premises with shop fronts or façades facing onto busy, high traffic areas. Many businesses managers find themselves having to constantly fix or replace their signage and glass, as vandalism can really affect the impression that’s made on potential clients and customers.


The Benefits of Anti Graffiti Film?

Are you sick of vandals damaging your glass, either scratching it up with sharp objects or painting over it? If so then you should invest in one of our anti-graffiti window film solutions. Installed on top of any glass surface, this film bears the brunt of any attack, protecting the valuable glass underneath from permanent damage. All you need to do is peel off the film and replace, a simple and affordable solution in comparison to replacing expensive glass.

Here at Perth Tint Designs we can provide you with a range of anti-graffiti film for application on both windows and other surfaces. When applied to stainless steel, polished concrete, marble, glass, timber laminate or perspex, this film will work to protect the surface and act as a sacrificial barrier to ensure these high quality surfaces are protected.

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Safety Strips & Decals


Why Safety Strips & Decals?

The manifestation marking of glazing is necessary for critical locations where people in passages in and about the building might not be aware of the glazing and may collide with it.  Critical locations include large uninterrupted areas of transparent glazing which form, or are part of, the internal or external walls and doors of premises.


Where safety manifestation is deemed necessary, it may take the form of broken or solid lines, dots, squares, patterns and company logos as long as they are clearly visible and positioned at an appropriate height.

Two height levels are currently required, depending on the standard to which compliance is required – 900 – 1000mm above floor level is required under AS 1428; and between 700 – 1200mm above floor level complies with the broader scope of AS1288.

Manifestation graphics are available in a range of tones and textures that simulate acid etching, sandblasting or solid colours and are Installed directly onto glazing.


The Reason For Safety Decals?

It is a legal requirement to make sure that large expanses of glass are clearly noticeable, especially in public areas or corporate buildings. Employers are required by law to take reasonable steps to ensure the safety of staff and public alike.

  • Make large areas of glass apparent
  • Comply with AS1288 and the newer more stringent requirements of AS1428.1-2009
  • Required by BCA

Critical locations include unframed glazing, glazing that is more than 40cm wide, glazed doors and windows without mullions, transoms or large handles, or large areas of glazing that would appear to open.

This application is highly recommended for the home in large sliding doors and glass balconies to protect your loved ones from what could be a fatal accident.


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